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Years of Experience

Hamrick & Evans, LLP represents private business owners and insurance companies in complex environmental litigation matters, claims filed under the Comprehensive Environmental Response and Clean-up Liability Act (“CERCLA”) and environmental coverage matters. We have decades of experience in defending environmental matters through all aspects of litigation and trial, and in handling insurance coverage matters arising from environmental related claims, including defense strategies related to groundwater and soil contamination.

Environmental contamination and pollution can cause significant health problems. We can help you identify the source of your pollution-related injuries and determine the party responsible for losses and damages. We have represented both both individuals and businesses, in environmental claims based on pollution and asbestos contamination.

Toxic Tort Litigation
Thousands of toxic chemicals are used everyday in a variety of industries. Consequently, workers in these businesses can suffer from toxic injuries. People can also be harmed by environmental toxins in the air or drinking water. Most toxic cases are based on exposure to pharmaceutical drugs or occupational hazards.